Firewood logs in Ballymena - Co. Antrim

Looking for the best quality logs in Ballymena? First think about quality.

We believe kiln dried logs are the best for your wood burning stoves in Ballymena.

Why burn logs with high moisture when kiln dried logs generate more heat, are friendlier to your chimneys, and are always clearly more cost effective. Kiln dried logs should have a moisture content of 15% or less. Seasoned fire wood will typically have a moisture content of 25%.

Whilst “free” wood like off cuts from DIY projects like decking may seem obvious to burn but they can cause damage to your chimney / flue and provide much less heat.

Kiln dried wood supplies are ideal for: Wood burning stoves, Multi fuel stoves, Open fires, Chimineas, Pizza ovens in Ballymena.

Ballymena - Co. Antrim

Best firewood for stoves

Is it harmful to burn treated wood?

Let us make this 100% clear. Do not use treated wood in your log fire such as peices of decking boards. Treated wood means it has been treated with chemicals and burning it releases dangerous toxin chemical such as arsenic. It’s also not good for your chimney / flue. Just google “Is it harmful to burn treated wood” if you don’t believe us. Enough said.

Testing the moisture content of wood

Moisture metres are ideal for testing levels. These are all available on Amazon from just over £10 to £30.

Kiln dried should be 10-15%.

Expect seasoned wood to be up to 25%.

Best buys in Ballymena for Firewood Suppliers of Logs

Bulk bags Firewood Logs in Ballymena

Bulk bags of FirewoodAlways the cheapest option as you are buying in bulk. These will be delivered to your home or business. Typically in builders tonny bags, they are heavy and ideally where they can be dropped off in a convenient area.

Barrow bags Firewood Logs in Ballymena

Barrow bags Firewood LogsA more managable alternative to bullk bags. Typically these can be moved on a sack holder to your store at home or business in Ballymena. Perfect for locations with restricted access. Typically a quater of a sq metre of logs.

Bagged Firewood Logs in Ballymena

Bags of firewoodThe convenient option where you don’t have storage for bulk or barrow bags of logs.

You will see these at many supermarkets and if you find kiln dried logs they can often be great value given the purchasing power of the suportmarkets.

Kindling in Ballymena

Replacement Glass for Stoves

Direct Stove GlassYou might expect to find fire stove glass in Ballymena locally but the reality is there are over 2,000 different shapes of glass, many rectanglular, many shaped. These need to precision cut on a laser bed.

Visit where you will find over 1,300 preset glass sizes by stove manufacturer and model.

If you don’t know the model then all that is needed is the measurements X x Y in mm if rectangular, or ig shaped a template sent to us as per instructions on the Contact Us page.

All glass cut is sent out for next day delivery by courier.

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